Servicing & Maintenance

        In Accordance with UL300, NFPA 17A, NFPA 96.

          The Ansul R-102 System requires servicing  at least every 6 months or after your Canopy / filter clean down.


          Fusible links must be replaced every six months.

          All blow off caps must be replaced annually


          The following items are inspected and tested:


          Mechanical Gas Valves (if applicable)

          Manual Pull Station

          Electrical switch (if applicable)

          Detection System

          Mechanical Automan Release

          Tension Spring & Lever

          Ansulex Tank

          Charge Cartridge CO2/Nitrogen


          Any major components part replacements will be in addition to the service cost.


          Also, kitchens must be closed and fryers must be turned off at least 1 hour prior to service.

          You may visit our web site at to view any other details.














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